Keeper strategy question

here’s the keepers for my league. Im Rob. Im taking Julio or OBJ in the first.

I normally would wait on a QB but with my 2 stud RBs and WR I’m debating on taking Rodgers in the 3rd if he’s there since 3 other QB’s are being kept in the 7th.

Thoughts? Out of the other options at that point im not crazy about most and I’ll be able to get a decent rb or wr still coming back down in the 4th. Most likely Fitz, Demarius, or Juju.

I don’t hate it. Building the Juggernaut with Zeke, OBJ, Kamara and Rodgers would make you a nightmare matchup, as long as you get no injuries or unforeseen drama with any of them they would give you a base high enough to win most matchups on their own IMO, anyone else you get would be bonus points at that stage. I would do it if it fell to me that way

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That’s my exact thought process here. I had been mocking with taking Kelce in the 3rd but my wife decided to keep him and threw a wrench in that strategy. Thanks for confirming that I’m not having crazy thoughts

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I mean it has risks sure, in case of injury etc that will expose your depth but to be fair if it falls into your lap its tough to pass on building that sort of team. Injuries cant be predicted, how many people fell off who drafted DJ 1st and then had weakened RBs the whole year pretty much?!

In fact you don’t even lose more than one of these at a time to bye weeks if i’m not mistaken so it lines up perfectly, that’s the other risk if they came at once you’d most likely lose that week but you can replace one at a time no problem. Not crazy at all

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Yeah. That’s why I’m leaning more towards OBJ since Julio and Zeke have the same bye. Although I like Julio more this year.

And any team could have issues with injury to their top 3-4 picks. I almost missed out on playoffs last year because of Zeke’s suspension.

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Can we discuss the fact that someone is keeping Jordy Nelson in the 1st?


@smlevin75 He has finished last all 3 years of the league’s existence. He didn’t have many options but he could have at least kept Fitz in the 4th instead.

Then again he originally tried to keep Green and Jordy even though our rules specifically say you can’t keep last year’s first round pick. Oh well, I even sent him to the Footclan to listen to the podcast to help him out. Can’t fix everything though

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@Fogkin haha fair enough. I understand liking Jordy, he was my keeper last year (effectively 1st round since we don’t have keeper penalties) but you gotta know when to cut ties. Fitz in the 4th isn’t even much of a reach!

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@smlevin75 Oh I agree. And I think he’ll be productive this year, but not nearly worth a 1st round. And yeah, Fitz in the 4th wouldn’t have been bad at all. Im considering taking him there myself.

In his defense though this is only his 4th year of playing. At least he’s getting better