Keeper struggles

HELP: 8 teams none PPR 2 QB 6 PTS TD 2 RB 2 WR 1TE 2 FLEX K and DEF I get 2 keepers, my one keeper is Michael Thomas, and I’m stuck between Devante Adams or Carson Wentz.

Need more information. Are there differing costs? how many neg points for INT? What are other people keeping? Do you know your draft position? etc.

In a vacuum, I’m taking Adams. Too many question marks with Wentz right now.

Wilson, Bell / Rodgers, k Allen / fournette, Brady / DJ, OBJ / Gurley, zeke / cam, Julio / Kamara and brown.
I got 6th in a snake. Int -2

I’m taking Adams. Plenty of good QBs left.

Adams/MT is a pretty solid keeper Duo. You have the best WR duo out of your league.

Guy with Gurley and OBJ and Julio/Kamara going to be tough to deal with though.

Also, when you say none PPR, you mean the league is standard right? If so, Adams value goes up more.

Ya league is standard. But we get 6 points a TD instead of 4. Also my bad bro the keepers are Wilson and Bell / Rodgers and Allen / fournette and Brady / dj and obj / Gurley and zeke / cam and Julio / and brown and Kamara. I’m using / to separate teams.

That doesn’t matter. 6 pt TD doesn’t really impact my QB rankings much at all. All it does is slightly devalue rushing QBs cause they don’t get 6 points vs 4 points advantage for rushing TDs.

Definitely keep Adams. His value goes up a lot more in Standard cause he’s not a guy that gets many catches or yards.

A packers fan has the pick after me, so my plan was to keep Wentz and MT and Gordon or cook my first pick then grab Adams but that prolly won’t happen.
So I’ll prolly keep MT Adams and get Wentz, Brees, Kirk by my 3rd or 4th round pick.