Keeper - Stud vs value

In my 10-team, 20-round 1/2-PPR league we can keep either 2 players from rounds 4-20 or 1 player from rounds 1-3. Players kept from rounds 1-3 automatically become your first-round pick. Players kept from round s 4-20 lose two rounds of value from the previous year. I have Christian McCaffrey as my first-round pick from last year that I might keep (I selected him in round 2, pick 10 last year), and I am drafting from the 4 spot. I also have Sony Michel (he’d be my round 14 pick) and Calvin Ridley (he’d be my round 12 pick this year). Michel and Ridley have been dealing with injuries to a degree early in camp, but I still have time to make my decision. The real issue is that Kamara and Barkley are definitely already being kept by two other owners. With 3 people picking in front of me, Zeke and CMC will probably be gone. Would I be better served to keep CMC and find value later to replace SM and CR, or do I take the value of SM and CR and hope for another stud running back (please note that I know the owner of Carson is also keeping him).

Keeping CMC appears to be a no-brainer to me. Neither Sony nor Ridley are a lock this year.

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Yeah, I agree. Thanks!