Keeper: Thielen for 8th rd or McCaffery 2nd rd?

I am new to a keeper league and have a problem picking the best value. I can get Thielen by giving up and 8th round pick which is pretty good. Or, McCaffery for a 2nd round pick who is going in the first round in a lot drafts right now. Any opinions?

I would do Thielen for 8. That is value.

Thielen for me as well. I wouldn’t draft McCaffery in the 2nd right now anyways

Thielen, you’ll likely get McCaffrey in the second or better anyway. I’m a Panthers fan and using a second for your keeper is too high.

Thielin for sure

Since your new it this kind of league I’ll break down my thought process. First I do some mock drafts and figure out where I like to draft players. I personally view thielen as a late 2 or third round pick. I view McCaff as a early 2 round pick. So what’s better, taking a 2nd round player in the second or taking a third round player in the 8th. Roster construction is a other thing to take into account, but in a vacuum, thielen is the pick.