Keeper thoughts in 12 team 3 keeper league

I have an awful keeper situation in one of my leagues and was pondering some different ideas. No picks lost for keepers. Any thoughts on the following guys as right now I’m keeping Saquan and Edelman, but need 1 more guy. The scoring is odd, but it’s very TD dependent for sure.

McKinnon-who I kept last year 1 day before the ACL tear
Ware-who was going to be my beast match with Saquan, but now who knows
Russell Wilson-who I am absolutely trying not to keep
Tyler Boyd-meh…
DJ Moore-great upside, but could be a year to early

Those are my main options and I have the 9th pick in the draft(12 team league)

My thoughts are leaning McKinnon or Ware, more Ware due to his possible upside on what should be a top 10 offense, but just gathering other opinions

As in Spencer Ware?? He’s with the colts now isn’t he? Like 4th on the depth chart? I don’t know why you would want to keep him.

I lean Moore because of the upside, and now would be the time to keep him instead of waiting until after a breakout year. Boyd I think will be around the same production as last season.

I’m an idiot, I meant Kareem Hunt, sorry the coffee hadn’t kicked in yet, haha

I’d still keep Moore over Hunt. Hunt will be in a time share with Chubb when he comes back. The only thing you could hope for is if he were to get traded or released and picked up by someone else. He won’t be back until week 9 this year, so there isn’t too much value in him now. Is he worth eating up a roster spot on your bench? Moore will play and is, as of now, the WR1 in Carolina who should be a pretty decent offense.

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Are there limits on the # of years a player can be kept?

I’d keep Moore myself… he was drafted to be the guy in Carolina… Boyd is a solid PPR performer in the slot but if Green goes down, his production will likely take a hit again.

McKinnon and Hunt I’m not interested in… both are in crowded backfields, and neither are a lock to take the lions share of the touches, and I’d just draft another QB rather than keep one if there’s no rounds involved.

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There aren’t a limit year wise, that’s why I was so pumped last year to have Hunt and Barkley for a long time together, ugh. I def like Moore, but you guys are making a lot of sense for him.

Yea, I have had Wilson since his rookie year, but now that he doesn’t really run anymore his worth in this league is very meh for sure. Thanks for the input both of you two!

If it was an easy decision I doubt you’d be asking :wink: That’s what makes it so much fun is there’s no right or wrong answers, just hindsight and “coulda-beens”

Preach, I could have kept other players instead of McKinnon, but the thought of having another starting RB was juicy in that league. Then bam, torn ACL 24 hours later

you win some you lose some… I got incredibly lucky last year, trading McKinnon in a keeper league for Hunt about the same time frame before the ACL, then flipping Hunt two weeks prior to his suspension in a 4 player trade to get Zeke back… it was Poetry and I know the fantasy gods are going to get me this year because of it HAHA

haha, that’s a pretty awesome series of trades for you for sure. If I look on the bright side I got Barkley who is a stud and I got Edelman super late due to the suspension last year. So that hit at least.

can’t beat Barkley

Moore is the only one of those keepers besides Saquan on Edeleman that I would want. He should be a fantasy contributor for you this year. He was second on the team in targets and receptions last year, behind McCaffrey. Finished with 788 yards and 2 TDs, in his first year on the team in a year that Cam was injured and only threw for 3300 yards and 24 TDs. Funchess is gone, and hopefully Cam is healthy, I see Moore being the #1 WR on that team.

I don’t want anything to do with McKinnon or Hunt. The RB situation is a mess, I see them using all 3 backs there, never knowing which one to start, and if anyone breaks out I see it being Coleman. Hunt is going to be taking up a bench spot for most of the season, and you won’t be able to use him until week 9. Maybe they use him as a change of pace back, but if Chubb is playing well why mess with that. Chubb got almost 1000 yards and 8 TDs on less than 200 carries last year as a rookie.

I’m definitely liking him the, Moore, I look into it. Nice Jason joke. ha. I keep remembering the end of the year and being able to plug him in and play him with confidence and I definitely think Cam bounces somewhat back this year for sure.

Keep Boyd and draft a RB, Justice Hill will be the man in Baltimore soon enough when Ingram goes down or retires. Boyd had 10 TD last year and will be even better if AJ Green stays healthy

I wouldn’t count Ingram out. I think he’ll have a great year.

If you only take two - can you get one of the rookies coming out? Like Jacobs?

I believe Ingram will get the goal line work for the majority which is good in a TD dependent league, I actually have him projected for 10 rushing TD/ health dependent, but Hill will be third down back and will get you PPR and better breakout potential vs an aging Ingram who Saints didn’t want to pay, there is a reason for that. Also Jacobs will be gone in first 3 picks easy

You are correct - Jacobs will go in the third. I was wondering if you only kept two if that would allow you take Jacobs as your third. Just a thought. Good Luck!

Boyd only had 7 TDs last year, but I definitely get what you’re saying. That Balt RB situation is so murky that idk what to make of it, so much so that unless I take Ingram for this year only I will stay away.

@sheenan Jacobs is for sure my target in the draft, just not sure he will last until my pick at 9. Since there are 36 players kept normally the first couple picks are very strong and then it does drop off a touch.

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Got it! Good Luck!

I do like Boyd but I think Moore has a far higher ceiling and his success isn’t tied to the health of his teams top target like Boyds is to Green. It’s one of those oddities that leaves me questioning a players actual value when the variable is the success of another receiver in the same offense.