Keeper Thoughts? Kamara and


10 team, 0-ppr league.
Keeper Rule: The number of guys you keep = the number of rounds they jump from last year’s draft position. Backstop of the 10th round for all late round guys.

The pic above shows my options for keeping 2, 3 or 4 guys. Kamara is locked in. Just a matter of whom else I add to the pot.

If my 1st & 2nd round picks aren’t used on keepers, here are the most likely available:
1.08 – Julio, Gurley, Dalvin
2.03 – DamienW, Juju, Kelce, AB

A lot of moving parts, I know. Interested in hearing your thoughts, fellow footclan members!

Is keeping DJ, Kamara and Kerryon not possible?

If not, then I would select option 1, keep DJ and Kamara and and get JJSS at the 2.03.

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DJ can only be kept if I only keep 2 guys. (Kept him in Round 3 last season.)

Yeah I’d go with DJ and Kamara.

I’m generally thinking the same thing.

The debate for me is between (a) simply securing the best guys, or (b) maximizing the value I’m getting with my keepers. Kamara and DJ are clearly the top 2 options, but one is several rounds worth of value, while the other is the difference between the 1.04 (where DJ should go) and the 1.08 (where I’d keep him).

And while keeping DJ equates to moving up 4 picks, keeping both OJ Howard and Kerryon instead would mean getting several rounds worth of value with each. …and retaining the 1.08 & 2.03. Looking more closely, I could conceivably get 2 of Tyreek, Gurley, OBJ & AB with those. So… that’s my debate.

Normally I’m going for value for sure but I think there’s a couple things to consider here:

  1. Your unique keeper rules means that you do save 1-2 rounds on Kamara. Getting Kamara in the 8th + players you draft in the 6th/7th vs getting Kamara in the 6th vs players in the 7th/8th is still a decent chunk of value we shouldn’t forget about.
  2. Depending on who else is being kept, i.e. if there are other top 8 players being kept in your league, then getting DJ at 1.08 is more equivalent to getting DJ in the late 1st / early 2nd round which is extremely good value. Moving even just those few spots in the 1st round far outweighs even a full 1-2 round moves in the late single digit rounds.
  3. The advantage you gain from locking up 2 top 5 scoring RBs is one that should not be lost here.
  4. There really isn’t much value you’re gaining when doing the other keeper options. KJ belongs in the 3rd round, Sony is probably a 4th rounder at this point. Also I"m fading Kupp in redraft this season because even though people say they’re healthy, doesn’t mean he’ll be effective. He tore his ACL way too late to recover this fast and be at his best. I think he’ll disappoint a lot. So getting him in the 5th/6th really has no value at all. So the value you’re getting with those players is almost negated by being able to keep Kamara in the 8th instead of 6th.

None of the other keepers you have is worth it. Which is why I think DJ + Kamara is the best path.

And Keeping TE in a non-TE premium just isn’t worth it. Sure maybe you get a couple rounds of value but you can just as easily draft Engram in the 6th round right now with Kamara as your 8th round keeper. And I’m betting Engram outscores OJ howard this season. Wouldn’t be terribly shocked at all if he ends up outscoring Kittle.

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That’s some top notch analysis. Thanks!

All the other guys you can draft at their keeper value. Meaning you’re not really gaining any round value in these players.

With that said, I’d keep Kamara and DJ then select JuJu in the 2nd

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DJ and Kamara easy.