Keeper thoughts?

10 man Superflex Full PPR (2 RB 3 WR)
4 keeper, keep the round drafted. Got 2 locked in but need some input for the final 2.
Locked in

  1. L. Bell (4th)
  2. E. Elliott (1st)
    Final 2 Spots?
  3. J. Nelson (2nd)
  4. A. Robinson (8th)
  5. K. Cousins (10th)
  6. Marty McBry (16th)
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Jordy and robinson easy.

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That’s where I am as of now. I’ve already made 2 off season trades for picks. Got two 4ths and two fifths, which also happen to be with the guy who picks before me so multiple picks during 3 through 6. Can really clean house there

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