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Keeper thoughts


10 team ppr league with 1 keeper. (You lose the draft pick in which they were selected last year. My options are:

Antonio brown - 1st round
Shady McCoy - 3rd round
Melvin Gordon- 7th round
Michale Thomas - 17th round

I thought it was a no brainer to take Thomas but now second guessing myself for one of the rbs. At this point I do not know my draft order.


That is tough. As much as I love Thomas, gotta go with Shady.


It has to be Thomas. The value is just too good, and you can keep him for much longer (unless there’s a limit, which would change the equation a bit).


What spot do you pick? It might change my answer some. But not much. Getting a free top wr is too nice. But maybe I switch to shady or Gordon if you pick early. Well, hell no i still take Thomas. Value is jist too strong.