Keeper trade: cook for diggs

keeper league, half PPR.
we get to keep 8 players. keeping comes at the cost of the round the player was drafted and the cost increases by one round each year.
WR I got: hopkins, adams, diggs, watkins, juju
RB: d. johnson and some hope candidates (coleman, breida, foreman, jamaal williams)

I could get Cook who was a 3rd round pick if I give up Diggs who was a 5th round pick.
Diggs obvisouly is the better keeper value so I managed to get a 4th round for my 8th on top

so basically its diggs plus my 8th for cook plus his 4th

what do you think?


Im Assuming your referring to Dalvin Cook vs Brandon. You Have Hopkins who is a stud WR, Adams will be the WR1/2 on an Aaron Rodgers offense, Watkins will be a 1 either for the rams or someone else and Ju-Ju is coming on. I think removing Diggs and your 8th to get Cook and a 4th makes sense, Having Cooks with DJ along with Hopkins/Adams + is scarier then DJ + hopefulls and depth at WR.

I say go for Cook

Agreed with the above

Exactly my thoughtprocess :wink:
Good to hear you agree!

Thx guys :slight_smile: