Keeper/Trade Help

We keep 10 in our league, open trading as soon as our offseason begins (after week 16). I have too many potential RB 2s, who should I target?

RBs: Chubb, Kerryon, D. Freeman, M. Sanders, Mack
WRs: M. Thomas, Golladay, Sutton, Chark
TE: Kittle

I just traded Gurley, Edelman and Josh Allen for Golladay and the 1.02. Any thoughts are much appreciated.

Are these all the guys you are keeping, or do you need to pick one or two from this list?

Right now these are the guys set to be my keepers, but I also have some more depth that I wouldn’t mind swapping in if I got rid of one or two of those listed. (D. Slayton, A. Miller, H.Renfrow, D. Goedert). Basically want to package two for an upgrade. Ekeler is in consideration…

Well I like the trade to get 1.02. If you’re keeping 10 guys I’d rather have Ekeler long term than D. Freeman. But you could also try to sell some of those fringe keeper guys to other teams for draft picks… I’m a league I commission, similar to this one, I traded Philip Lindsay last year for a 2019 5th and a 2020 1st. If you can get high future value for guys that you are just going to let fall to the draft, I’d rather have the future value. You follow my logic?