Keeper Trade (Kareem)

In a keeper league and own Kareem Hunt, loved it last year, but this year looks scary. The guy who picks first will take Saquon as he is the best available, and he offered to trade me Barkley for Kareem and my first Pick, (who would likely be Aj Green or similar). Is this to much to give up for Saquon?

Basically AJ and Kareem for Saquon

That’s a little too much for Saquon. If you can get a WR in return from him (like a Shepard level/tier WR), then I’d do that trade.

Way to much. Not sure what your keepers are ?? and how long you get to keep them, but points difference between Barkley and Hunt should be that far off. I agreed with Marvin_e you need more. But more then shepard , Think WR2 at least.

Maybe your second or something. Much rather have Hunt and green type WR, not just Barkley and who ever you would get.

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