Keeper Trade | Kerryon for Adams - Opinions?

Quick keeper trade question… looking for opinions! I’ve currently got James Conner PIT RB and Kerryon stashed as a keeper, so I’m looking at back-2-back WR in the 1st/2nd Round.

Foot Clan - Would you trade away Kerryon and the ability to keep him for the next 2-3 years, in order to grab Adams this year and the ability to keep in next year in the 1st round (see below)? Note that the trade includes Draft Picks as well.

Trade AWAY:
Kerryon Johnson RB DET [keeper in the 5th]
1st Round Pick [#10]

Davante Adams WR GB [keeper in the 2nd]
5th Round Pick [#52]

#FootClan - Any ideas or suggestions?

I’d definitely rather have Kerryon and pick 1.10. You can likely pick up another elite WR with the 1.10 pick vs the Adams + 5th pick.

I would do this trade if it didn’t involve giving up the 1st round pick in addition to Kerryon.

Thanks @MikeMeUpp

I tend to agree. As much as I would love Adams, I think Kerryon has some upside and I’ll have the opportunity to keep him for a couple years. Our keepers are due next Monday, and then I’ll have a better idea of what players might fall to the 01.10 spot.

Kerryon in the 5th is a league winner.

@MikeMeUpp I’ve got Kerryon in the 5th and Conner in the 18th. I’ll have to see if any additional RB’s fall my way, but I’m leaning towards back-2-back WR’s in the 1st and 2nd.

Conner in 18th and Kerryon in 5th are both league winners. And picking from 1.10, I’d definitely lean towards going WR depending on what is available. But if you can get 2 of Nuk/Adams/OBJ/JJSS/JJ/MT, you’re going to be incredibly hard to beat.