Keeper Trade/Picks

Hey FootClan

There’s an owner in my 10 team 2 QB PPR league with many potential keeper options…one of which is Gordon in 6th round and I have it on good authority his not keeping him. What round pick(s) should I offer him that makes it worth while for me to get him?



What kind of owner doesn’t keep Gordon in the 6th. That’s a no brainer. Anyways Gordon is a 1st rounder. I would see if he would take a 2nd straight up

The kind that has DJ in the 11th, McKinnon in the 18th, and Tyreek in the 16th.

What the lowest round I should offer?

lol that is a very good answer. i knew there had to be some insane value for him somewhere.

honestly i would offer a 3rd. a 2nd is more reasonable, but if no one else offers, its a free round you get to go to the 3rd, and he gains too. there is no losing for either side here. but i am for SURE going after that. you still get gordon for a discount, and then next year you get him for a discount again. easy peasy my friend. oh, and honestly i would offer a 1st as well if need be. you still get value down the road, just not this year.

Lol. Makes a little more sense now knowing who is keeping at what values. I think I’d still keep Gordon over Mckinnon, Gordon is a sure thing, but that is me.

Try a 3 straight up first. Then a 2nd.

Thanks that is great advice.

Excellent, thank you