Keeper (+ trade) Question, 8 Team 2QB League

First time posting here, so hopefully this is the right tags…

I’m in a keeper League where there is no round-penalty for keeping a player. I have the option to keep 2 of the following players:

James Conner
David Johnson
Leonard Fournette
Zach Ertz

I don’t have a first round pick in this year’s draft but have been contemplating trading into it using two of the above players that I don’t keep so as to recuperate their value that would be lost to the draft otherwise. I’ll note that we keep 6 players each, so players in the first round of the draft would be similar value to the two that I don’t keep.

The fact that I’m also keeping Wentz and that elite TEs are bigger difference makers in an 8 team league, I’m leaning towards keeping Ertz and David Johnson.

Thanks in advance!