Keeper + Trade Question

Question: Trying to determine 2nd keeper outside of MT. First thought is Julio, but then some trade options started bubbling up. For our league if you keep 2 you lose first 2 rounds of picks. I am drafting from the 5th position.

  • Keep A. Jones/Sanders instead and Trade Julio for a draft pick?
  • Or could keep both WRs and use RBs for bait for improving picks to secure another RB (if one of the bad teams finds value)


Pre Draft Roster:

QB: Doesn’t matter, dropping all
WR: Michael Thomas, Julio Jones - dropping rest
RB: Aaron Jones, Miles Sanders, Kareem Hunt, Raheem Mostert
TE: Dropping
D: Dropping

I would keep Sanders. Michael thomas at 5 and then getting miles in round 2 is a great way to start a draft. On the flip side, if you can get a top 3 RB out of Julio then trade julio and keep that rb and Thomas. I dont like waiting till round 3 for my first RB

Thank you.

Bump. Please and thank you.