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Keeper Trade


I am in a Keeper League (Keep 3). I am keeping Green, Watkins, and Hilton and traded my 1st round for Murray. What do you think of me going after one of these 3: Crowell, Crabtree or Pryor ? I want Crowell but if not I will try for Crabtree or Pryor.


I would probably lean Crowell given your RB situation. Week 6 is plenty of time to find another WR.


I’d go Crowell. Although I personally really like Pryor, I think there are still some question marks as to who ends up being the number 1 receiver in that offense between Pryor, Crowder, and Doctson. Browns didn’t go out and draft another running back, they sured up that offensive line, and it gives you two quality RBs when you’re pretty stacked at WR.


yeah crowell. you already have three starters for WR, and an open spot at RB. sure pryer would be a great replacement for when watkins goes down, but i fill my RB spots ASAP. they are so thin this year. so having 2 potential top 10 RBs (yeah, you heard me right. crowell a potential top 10 this year) and then three number 1 receivers? thats a rockstar core of guys IMO.



Someone needs to photoshop Crowell’s face onto that


I would go Crowell. He is a great RB 2 and you can get a quality WR in RD 3