Keeper ?uestion

Howdy folks, 12 team, .25 ppr, and felx position is wr/te only. Drafting at the 11th spot.

Which two would you keep:

1.) Mixon in the 3rd
2.) Diggs in the 6th
3.) Smith-Schuster in the 8th
4.) Alex Collins in the 8th

If keep both 8th round guys, one bumps up to the 7th.

I’ve gone over it mentally for weeks, and am close to calling it set with Diggs and Mixon, but just curious what other folks think!


Yeah mixon is 2.08 so your getting a little bit of a discount. diggs is 3.05 so def a good discount.

With your format and scoring I’d go mixon and diggs…

But wouldn’t hate if you went Collins if you want to go heavy on RB.

But diggs and mixon are prob the better combo