Keeper Value Advice

Ive narrowed my keeper choices, but I’m struggling to pull the trigger on the best value. (Early round picks from last year are ineligible)

.25 pt PPR I can keep 2.

Josh Gordon as a 9th round
Joe Mixon as a 3rd round
Rex Burkhead as a 13th round
Robbie Anderson as a 12th round
Corey Davis as an 11th round


So for value id def go Josh Gordon and Corey Davis… Love both of them this year of course Gordon has some risk but if he is on the team he will be a stud. And Davis should be in for a great year.

Mixon and burkhead are not bad either. Mixon you are saving about 1/2-1 round.

And burkhead is def like 6 rounds of saving but he is just a RB2.

So unless you know you won’t have a shot at some RB1 because they are being kept id go with the receivers

I agree with @Fr0sty11, but if you keep these two make sure to lock down some WR1 consistency in the early rounds. They are both pretty volatile high-upside guys.

Agree with the guys but depending on where you are picking are you likely to get a top back in the 1st or 2nd? If not i’d keep Gordon and Mixon, I’m really not sold on Davis yet. Then you can either get another top WR or RB but knowing at least you have some guaranteed volume and upside at both positions either way.

Thanks for the feedback,

Drafting 1 in a ten team so I’m leaning toward Gordon and Davis. I think I can lock down 2 high end running backs with my first 2 picks and then grab whatever the best WR on the board is at 3.1.

Curious that no one gave Anderson a thought, just better options? Or was that potential suspension driven?

Ah okay 1st pick is a good option but i’d still take Gordon and Mixon, lock up best available first possibly Barkley and then 2nd round same again with a bias to the position i need based on who i took first.

Anderson… yes some part suspension risk but mainly because Darnold we’ve not seen enough off and may not be a gun slinger McCown is. Also thinking McCown wont be playing the whole season so he’s too much risk as he did a Marvin Jones last year and just caught the deep balls. If he doesn’t this year he’s off the radar not worth keeping vs your other guys