Keeper Value dilemma! Help!

I only get one keeper at the position they were drafted last year. Who do you guys think is the best value?
Larry Fitz for a 4th round pick? Demarco Murray for a 5th round pick? Michael Thomas for a 11th round pick? Crowell for a 13th round pick? or Pryor for a 12th round pick?

the way you worded that makes it sound like you can only keep someone if you drafted them correct? so any of these players you would not be able to keep again?

either way fitz is out for me, i can keep a better receiver (stats wise) for a cheaper price. so thomas, pryor, crowell, and murray. i think i throw out murray too for the same reason, only difference is that murray is at a value too. ill take the safety of thomas over pryor i think, so its thomas or crowell. both are fantastic values, so who will do better? hard to say. maybe thomas was a 1 year wonder, maybe crowell will suck with a full work load. plus a bad team. eh, ill go crowell. you get tremendous value in a very hard position to fill. thomas is a better all around value, but i can draft guys later pretty easy to replace his value. crowell, not so much. either way you cant go wrong. just personal preference.

Thanks. Pretty solid breakdown. To clarify, you can keep anyone from the prior year. My keeper from last year was Amari Cooper but he would cost me a 1st rounder so I didn’t bother listing him. Thanks again. I’m mostly between Thomas and Crowell, but as a Titans fans I’m naturally super optimistic about Murray.

I actually like taking the best player. Take Demarco. If you could take Murray in a redraft in the 5th round, it is a coup. He is a true RB1.

I can understand the logic of taking Thomas. He is a potential WR#1 for free. But people have told me that the positional scarcity of RB pretty much demands more respect. And Crowell may be a great RB2, but … he’s an RB2.

i do what i can haha. i like breaking stuff down. hell even if you dont agree and go a completely different route, doesnt bother me so long as you pick what ever works best for you. which is why i say, if being a homer and wanting that powerhouse of an RB in demarco makes you happier about your team, do it man. i mean its not like you are not still getting a value. just my 2 cents on what i would do. good luck!

Agreed. A lot of times I need to get out of my own brain. It’s all speculation at this point.

I’d say it’s easily between Michael Thomas and DeMarco Murray. I’d go Thomas just because that’s the most insane value of the two. Both can be Top 10 at their position.

I’ve got a keeper question too if you don’t mind weighing in?