Keeper Value for free agents

My league and I have converted our redraft league into a keeper league recently and set up a few rules for keepers:

  1. You can keep up to 3 players from your previous year’s roster at their draft position from the previous year. If you keep a player multiple years in a row, their value increases 1 round every subsequent year.
  2. You can only keep 1 player from any 1 position on the team.
  3. Players picked up the previous year as free agents can be kept at their current ADP, but one round later as a benefit.

I have some situations this year where players were drafted in the 2019 draft, but dropped to the waivers and picked back up by a different player. So given the rules as written, they could go for both their drafted position the previous year AND at their current year ADP -1 round.

What would you all do in this situation? I want to clarify rule three to make sure we are all on the same page with this one but am sort of personally split on it, though leaning towards draft position entirely since it is harder to track transactions from the previous year.

A big one is TY Hilton, drafted last year in the 2nd, but current ADP is 5th round, so if he is kept as a second it isn’t great value, but getting him in the 6th could be pretty big for the league-mate.

let me know your thoughts!

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I am in an IDP Keeper league myself and no matter how they got on the waiver wire, you can keep them at there current ADP minus 1 round for the entire league. For example, last year I swooped Engram off the wire in week 6 two years ago. He ended up costing me a 10th round pick due to injury and his ADP was wrecked following that year.