Keeper Value Question

Hey team, I’m in a 10-team keeper league and relatively new to keepers strategy and drafts.

We can keep 0-2 players each year and I’m planning to keep J. Conner in the 14th, but getting tripped up on my second keeper option. Going back and forth between N. Chubb in the 12th or Saquon in the 1st. Leaning Chubb in the 12th because I think Chubb + player I will get in the first probably outweigh the value of Saquon. Draft order randomized 1 hour before draft so not sure who’d be available in the first, but thinking 2 guys will keep their first so a 1/8 shot at first pick. Would give me more roster balance if I get a top tierish WR, although there is still a chance I would get Barkley. What do you all think?

1/2 PPR
Roster Set-up:
Thanks in advance for the thoughts and help!

Chubb without a doubt. 12th round value for a 2nd round pick?? Can’t pass that up.


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Def Chubb in the 12th.

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Thanks Ben!

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