Keeper Wide Receivers

My 14-team keeper league allows each team five keepers, but you can’t keep more than you start, so we are limited to any combination of 1QB, 2RB, 3(WR/TE), plus kicker or IDPs, but that would be dumb.

My lineup makes me decision pretty easy so I have 2 RB (Mixon/Montgomery), and need to pick three of the following:

DJ Chark
DeVante Parker
Calvin Ridley
Mike Williams
Darius Slayton
Sterling Shephard
Dede Westbrook

Not that it matters for this, but I also have the 1.01 and 1.10 picks.

I think my current order above is how I rank them, but hope to trade any of them and would be fine keeping any of the top five listed above.


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Calvin Ridley
DJ Chark
Mike Williams

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I am going

and look at your two picks to fill in a strong candidate for each position (WR/RB). I personally woudl be looking at my fav RB at the 1.01 and then best WR still around at the 1.10. I think there will be value at that spot.

Ridley, Chark, Williams in that order for me.

Ridley, Chark, and Williams the safe route, but I might gamble on Parker in place of Williams

I think your WR scene is match-up savy. Ridley, Chark and Williams are the obvious now decisions but I think Shepard is going to finally have his year coming up. Barkley makes this possible and I like Daniel Jones to boost his worth this year. Good luck but if you have to pick right now I’d settle for the obvious

Chark and Parker are must keeps. Ridley is the next obvious choice but I wouldn’t hate you if you wanted to keep mike williams over him. None of the others are really in consideration.