Keeper: Zeke as a 2nd or Gordon as 5th rounder

I’m going back and forth. Do I keep Zekewho will count as my 2nd round pick or Melvin Gordon counting as my 5th round pick? I have 3rd overall pick. Bell & Gurley will not be kept so they will be available in 1st. If I keep Zeke, I will be able to add Bell or OBJ in 1st with Zeke counting as my 2nd. If I keep Gordon than I get either Bell or Zeke in 1st and still have my 2nd round pick. Leaves me with Gordon and Bell/Zeke while still having my 2nd round pick. I’m leaning toward keeping Gordon. Thoughts? Who would you keep?

Personally I’d go Gordon. Used more as a pass-catcher, hes the standout RB on his team, hes gonna be getting the work. Not that Zeke won’t I’d just say your value is better with Gordon.

There isn’t a wrong answer here alot of it will be preference and with it being a keeper league Id say go with who you like.

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knowing what will be available, and what spot you pick from, crazy valuable here. its gordon, without a question in my mind. like danround said, you cant go wrong with either choice. but knowing that bell, gurley, and zeke are avaiable still… and that you have the 1.03… i would take any of them to pair up with gordon. there is every bit of a chance that if you keep zeke that gordon will be there. i would go as far as to say he WILL be there. so either way you can have them both back, or even get better. but, keeping the 2nd rounder is super valuable as well. so thats what i would do.


Tough call. Zeke as your 2nd round pick assuming snake draft means you would be pick #22. That is an absolute steal for someone who should be a top 4 pick. That is a value of 18 picks but within the first 2 rounds. After pick 20 is actually where I see a huge dropoff in the tier of players. You’re looking at guys like Howard, Mixon, McKinnon or potentially Evans on the top end.

Gordon in the 5th, is also an absolute steal. Assuming Snakedraft, that mean’s it’s pick #51. Personally, I have Gordon as my #11-12 off the board, but wouldn’t argue with those who have him higher. So that is value of about 40 picks from bottom of the 1st. At around 50-51, you’re looking at guys like Flash, Penny, Lamer Miller, Jarvis Landry, Royce Freeman, Golden Tate.

So the question becomes, would you rather have the combo of Bell/Gurley + Zeke + Landry/Miller/Freeman/Penny/Tate


Bell/Gurley + Gordon + Howard/Mixon/McKinnon/Evans.

It’s definitely a close call and I wouldn’t blame you for going Gordon at all, but personally, the Combo of Zeke + Bell is too good for me to pass up. I think Zeke sees an uptick in target volume this year out of necessity and on top of that, he will easily reach 400 touches total including his carries which I see him reaching 350 no problem. Bell is going to see 400+ touches guaranteed if he’s healthy.
On the flip side, Gordon has never reached 300 carries in his entire career. With his catches, I see him at around 320-330 touches total.

Also, I think all the players I listed in the 5th are great values at those positions. Guys like Miller and Landry in particular. I would have no problem starting my draft with Zeke/Bell and then going WR/WR or WR/TE in the 3rd/4th to then pick up Landry or Miller as my 5th round pick. Personally, that’s a roster I would take over the Gordon construct. You’re getting 2 of the top 4 players which is an incredible advantage.

So TL:DR, I’m keeping Zeke and taking Bell with my 1st all day. Thank you for the 800-900 touches among 2 players.

Knowing that if you throw Zeke back and be able to have Bell/Gurley/Zeke and Gordon is a no brainer for me.

Ya i would Keep Gordon im willing to bet zeke will come back to you at the 3rd pick the 1st/2nd will likely be gurley/bell. I personally would be hoping Zeke falls back to 3 b/c i think he is going to be the RB1 this year. Me personally im even willing to take him 1st overall in full redraft its between him or DJ for me.

No question about it - Gordon with the 5th. That’s more than a steal! If Zeke is available to you in the draft, then take him back. But look at the value - Melvin Gordon as a 5th rounder has way more value because you’ll have a 2nd round pick to take another stud to pair with him.

I’ve been leaning toward Gordon but i go back and forth. Gurley will not be kept but taken #1. David Johnson & Antonio Brown will not be available as they will be kept. I have 3rd pick. I love the value of Gordon as a 5th rounder, obviously. But if I keep Zeke, I get to be top heavy with Zeke and either Bell, Kamara or OBJ depending on who is left @ 3. As I type that, I really would only want that option if I know Bell is available. The more I think about it, the more I’m thinking I keep Gordon. Zeke and Bell would be awesome but Gordon and Zeke/Bell plus my 2nd round pick sounds even better. Thanks guys.

Gordon + Zeke/Bell (I’d prefer Zeke personally) is better that Zeke + Bell in my opinion, and you can use that 2nd rounder on a stud WR, hopefully Thomas or Allen. Best of luck!

My analysis was based on the premise that you would be able to lock down both Zeke and Bell. If that is not possible, obviously my opinion changes. You’ll have to make that judgement call yourself.