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KEEPERS advise


WOULD like advise on keepers
2 allowed
tevon coleman rnd 8
cj prossise @ 16
corey coleman @9
reed te @5
breez @6
ppr 1pt


eh… tevon? not really in love with anyone on this list.


There’s a little bit of value in Prosise in the 18th, especially full PPR.

Tevin Coleman and Reed aren’t really values, but they aren’t over spending at those costs IMO.


I’d keep Prosise. And Reed if you have to keep 2.


Reed and Procise


you have 1 thats worth value and thats procise. I wouldnt even consider the rest. MAYBE brees if others are keeping QBs but even then im not a huge fan of keeping qbs because i like value quarterbacks like dalton stafford in the later rounds.