Keepers and 1st round pick?

Hi guys! Im feeling pretty lucky this year. Our league is allowing 2 keepers. So my plan is to keep Kamara (cost: 3rd round pick) and Hopkins (2nd round pick). I was able to keep these two with those costs due to when they were drafted in our league last year. (Kamera went undrafted and i snagged him immediately)

So my question is: I have the fourth pick in the first round, many of the elites are being kept obviously. OBJ was on my team but would have cost a 1st round pick and i felt i had more room and better options saving my first round. Do i try and snag OBJ again or do i go for the rookie Saquon Barkley and ride the hype train into victory? Any other suggestions? League is standard format for the most part.

bell, Gurley, johnson, gordon, brown, hunt are almost certainly gone

ezekiel elliott and Fournettte may be available

Thanks all and good luck in your seasons!

if zeke is somehow there, take him. he wont be, but do it. otherwise you cant go wrong with OBJ or fournette.

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Based on ADP I think you’ll end up with Fournette. I see your draft going Zeke, Barkley, OBJ with the first 3 picks. Not saying that’s a bad thing cause I’d personally prefer Fournette over OBJ (especially if I already had Hopkins) but based on name recognition and how people draft, that’s how I see it going. Either way you’re in a solid position, 4th in draft with 4 solid players on the board, just take the best available.

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I think one could slip because 3rd pick 1st round is keeping David Johnson(cost: 1st round pick) and if the player picking 2nd is stupid he’ll keep lesean mccoy (cost: 1st round pick). Itll just have to be a draft day decision for me! I’m pretty stoked with this start though!

with Hopkins on the roster I’d be looking to pair Barkley (or Fournette if Barkley goes earlier) with Kamara to give you a big time 1-2 punch in the backfield. It’s well documented how deep the WR position is this year, so going RB will leave you with better 2nd round options vs what would be falling to you at pick 17 if you took a WR at 1.04


If Zeke is available I take him no matter what. Otherwise, Fournette, followed by Saquon, then Obj.