Keepers and thoughts

Keeper league half point….keep 2

CMC. Definitely keeping

Barkley. Killed me last 2 years with
injuries but great upside

Chubb. Great runner but Hunt hurts his
final numbers.

Ridley Main guy now for a team that
throws all the time.

I know the answer is probably CMC and Barkley. I’ve just been hurt so bad by Barkley last 2 years that I’m having second thoughts. Lots of time for thinking though

It would be hard for me to throw Barkley out there, but Chubb is no slouch. Personal preference and I understand being burned by a player.

Chubb is probably the safer option, but I’ll take Barkley as if he performs he’s not an rb1 he’s potentially the rb1. If both he and McCaffrey produce its basically over.

But he’s riskier. For me I’ll take the upside of what Barkley can do but I understand passing especially when you already have cmc so you don’t really need to get creative to have a championship shot.

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