Keepers and trade offer

-10 team standard scoring league, each team allowed 6 keepers, have 1.03 pick in draft

  • starters include 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, FLEX, D/ST, K
    (1)Who should I keep? (2) What should I offer for 1.01?

QB - D Prescott
RB - J Ajayi, J Mixon, L Miller, D Johnson, S Perine
WR - M Jones, A Cooper, D Funchess, R Anderson, OBJ, D Thomas
TE- R Gronkowski

M Jones

Are the locked 5 to keep for me.

Lamar Miller and D Thomas are the others who I would consider for the 6th.
Miller would be my choice if you don’t think you can get a RB1 with the 1.03 because too many of the top RBs are being kept. But if you can get a RB1 I think D Thomas is a good choice as well.