Keepers Decision

Keep up to 3
I’ve got a pretty good selection. You can keep multiple in the same round, but it would cost the next highest pick unless keeping multiple 1sts (if keeping 2 1sts, costs a 1st and 2nd)

Kamara 1st

Adams 1st

Hopkins 1st

Watson 2nd

Cook 2nd

Aaron Jones 3rd

Kittle 4th

AJ Green 7th

Prescott 10th

Mostert 10th

What do you all think? I’m leaning kamara, Adams, cook, but is there better value with any of the others?

I’m not clear on how your keeper rules operate. If you were to keep Kamara, Adams, and Cook which picks are you forfeiting for those players?

I’m keeping Kamara, Adams and Kittle here.

i would go with Kamara, DHop and Kittle.

Everyone wants to think DHop is going to fall off a cliff but I just don’t buy it. He is going to play with a massive chip on his shoulder and who else is a true ref zone beast on that offense? There’s a reason why DeShaun looked his way all the time

Our rules encourage keeping the very best players right now, so keeping kamara, adams, cook would cost me my 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rounders.

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So you would go Hopkins over Adams?

Kittle over Adams or Cook? I’ve been waffling, but its tough to give up the value at those positions.

You could go Kamara, Adams and Cook one two three and be just as good.


That’s B-nanas. Do that!

3 first round values.

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Personally I would. I think that offense in Arizona is going to be electric this year. LaFleur wants to run the ball more. However, I can understand why people like Adams a lot.

Kittle is a positional upgrade. No.1 target on his team and Samuel might not be 100% until a decent ways into the season

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I would go Kamara, Adams, Cook. If I had those 3 coming out of the 1st 3 rounds I would be ecstatic. That gives you 3 top 12-14 guys with your first 3 picks.
Would also be open to Adams, Kamara/Cook (depending who you’re higher on), then Dak, but I like the other option more.

Is it SF or 1qb?

SF, so I am finding it tougher to say no to Dak (he would actually cost an 11th not a 10th)