Keepers due monday

2qb keeper league (Standard scoring 12 ppl) - Can keep 4 players. The format is 2qb, 2rb, 3wrs, 1te, Def, k, flex(rb/wr only)

QBs- M. Stafford- P. Mahomes
WRs- A. Thielen- K. Allen- J. Gordan- A. Cooper

I would keep all your WRs.

Based on these options I agree with matt, keep the WRs. Kinda curious who your RBs are that Stafford and Mahomes seem like more viable keeprs…

And basically draft qb/rb with my first 4-5 picks right? I was thinking the same thing. If you had to drop one of the receivers and pick up one of the qbs who would it be?

Who do you have for RBs? Wouldn’t keep any of the QBs, value isn’t there. WR core is very solid, keep all 4 and go RBs and QBs first 4-5 rounds at least

I would take Stafford as my QB over Mahomes. Stafford is extremely safe. At this moment I would probably drop Gordon due to the fact he is extremely risky and isn’t in camp yet. I think he’s more talented than Cooper, but Cooper is in camp, Gordon is not.

RBs - A. Collins- J. Ajayi- L. Miller

No one else on your roster worth keeping?

How does your league process keepers? Do you lose a pick commensurate to their original draft years round? Is it just “whoever you pick just goes on your roster”?

Depending on the format, I like Gordon and Thielen (i’m assuming they’re in later rounds than cooper and allen)

And I like Mahomes as a keeper. He may not be better than Stafford THIS year, but throwing him back makes it really difficult to have him for future years, and he’s got the talent and weapons to ascend quickly.

I like Collins this year and I wouldn’t throw all my keepers at WR’s knowing there’s 48 position players unavailable when keepers are announced. I like to get a piece of each RB/WR and QB if I have one I like.

Mahomes, Thielen, Gordon, and Collins would be my four (unless it has nothing to do with the round they’re kept in, then I’d keep Allen over Gordon)

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Just straight up keepers…4 keepers you can keep for 3 years…wouldnt lose draft picks

You are keeping Josh Gordon over Keenan Allen?

in that case I go Collins/Thielen/Allen/Mahomes (but you could make a case for Stafford and I wouldn’t argue against it).

Like I said above, I’m usually cognizant of the number of backs and receivers that are usually kept (our league sees about 70% of kept players at the WR/RB position) so expect about 15 of each conservatively. That doesn’t leave a lot to pick from if you go just WR.

I would Keep Thielen, Allen, Ajayi, Collins

I’d go Thielin, Allen, Ajayi, then maybe draw out of a hate between Collins/Cooper/Gordon for the 4th spot. I could see a strong case for or against any of them, it’s a bit of a gut decision there. I’d probably lean more towards Collins just because I think there are more options are WR later in the draft, and with 4 keepers per team it’s gonna be slim pickin’s for quality RBs on the board

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I am in the same boat as you

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Thoughts on Thielen, allen, cooper and either mahomes or stafford? I know getting a rb would be crucial but with the 3 wrs that have to start and the flex being wr/rb it will allow me to draft rb rb in the first 2 rounds and qb2 with whatever else is left in the 3rd.

It’s a risk for sure; with the format not placing any restrictions on keepers, the top 15 backs are likely going to be kept so you’ll be drafting a guy like Collins in the first ANYWAYS I would think.

Keeping Mahomes or Collins over Allen is crazy sauce

If you saw my post directly below that, I said if there were no round restrictions on the players I’d keep Allen over Gordon.

stafford, mahomes, allen, theielen. any round penalties we should know?