Keepers due today, help!

10 team full ppr in drafting last #footclanchamp i can keep Melvin gordan for a5th, Alexander mattison for an 11th. Or mecole Hardman for a 15th. I wish I could trust gordan… leaning Hardman or mattison. What do you think? My other keeper is locked, kittle for an 11th!

Any other options? Lol

Nope I could not choose a second keeper but I like to lock down mattison or Hardman in case of breakout

Hardman in my opinion.

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I’m leaning that way too. If he blows up he will only cost a 14 to keep next year

Hardman all the way imo

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I’d have to agree, go with hardman exactly for that reason. If he blows up, you can keep him super cheap next year. Gordon in the 5th is not a value.

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Keepers are due today and just hope tomorrow the news isn’t cook is holding out lol

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I would go Mattison, I basically had to decide this same thing here with Mattison or Mecole. I get the upside with Mecole in KC’s offense, but if Cook gets traded at some point this season, or gets hurt, Watch out as Mattison will tear it up in that run game!

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Hardman I guess. Wish you had better options haha.

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Hardman seem very meh. In a 10 man league he could be updrafted easily. Madison could be solid and maybe even a trade chip for whoever is taking Cook. Gordon in the 5th is ok but not a huge value. Just depends on what you believe about Gordon and if you have the possibility of drafting 2+ better rbs.

I agree with @The_Daddy_Kaos - I missed the 10 team league. I wouldn’t even really be considering Mecole in a 10 team league.

Well shit I already put in Hardman…