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Keepers for 2017


Trying to decide on my keepers, .5ppr 12 teams. Demarco Murray (2nd round), Travis Kelce (6th round) and Jarvis Landry (2nd round) can only pick 2 cause because I’m keeping alshon Jeffrey for my 10th round


I would keep Demarco for a 2nd rounder and Kelce for a 6th. Landry is too low of upside to be a 2nd rounder.


Thanks for the input Nick! I was leaning towards Murray, didn’t know if 6th round was too steep for a te. Wish landry scored more touchdowns


I’d agree with Nick. I think Jarvis in the 2nd is definitely a no go.


I also agree with the current general consensus. I would like to say Landry is worth the 2nd rounder but I’d rather take murray and kelce. I think Kelce is kind of a steal in the 6th.


Murray and Kelce for me, no brainer.


I’ll add on. Murray for sure Yes. Landry for sure No. And I see your hesitation with Kelce, but his ADP will be well below (as in lower rounds) the 6th round, so for value alone, if you are allowed to keep 3 total (including Jeffery) then I see no downside to locking down your TE and not having to worry about drafting one.


Thanks for the input! Wasn’t suprised by the love for Demarco but was kind of suprised everyone picked Kelce. Didn’t really think Landry was keepable but I threw all options out there. Looks like I’ll have Murray, Jeffrey and Kelce to start


I agree with Trovatoa that Kelce would go before the 6th in most drafts, so even if you don’t think he’s worth a higher pick, he can be considered a value there.
If you have a high 2nd round pick you could potentially not keep Murray there, and still get him in draft at the 2nd if you decide he is the best option then. This could be a dangerous game to play so if you want to lock him up then I’d agree with the others that you take him over Landry at this cost.