Keepers for next season

12 Team, Keeper league - Need some help.
Thoughts on either of these guys

Keep Cam Akers for a 10th round or Keep JK Dobbins for an 11th round?

I believe JK Dobbins is expected to fully recover from his ACL. Cam Akers is not going to be the same player after the Achilles tear.

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In choosing between 1 of these players for a keeper, Dobbins would be my choice.

The ACL tear surgeries and rehabs are amazing now-a-days. Numerous players have come back from ACL tears and have played well.

There are only 2 players to come back from Achilles tears and play (that I can remember), Marlon Mack (who looks pretty good, but light workload) and Devonta Freeman (was never the same after the tear).

Thanks, fellas. Appreciate the insight. Going to pick up Dobbins and put him in my IR spot for next season.