Keepers for next year

Our league is doing a keeper strategy where FA signings become a 15th round keeper. With that in mind which guy do you think is better to take right now (both on IR easy stash). Should i pick up Derrius Guice. Or D’Onta Foreman. Lamar Miller has 1 year left on his deal and only 1m of his 7.5 is guaranteed giving them a 6.5m cap savings. Where as Guice is the guy in Washington unless they like peterson that much. Who do i take?

I’d go Guice. Just like him more for some reason.

Guice. Some rumors in the bushes that HOU signs someone else in the offseason; a guy like Mark Ingram. Meanwhile, an elderly AP is running free behind Washington’s OL; so, just imagine what Guice can do.

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I have the same situation in my keeper league. McKinnon is in the conversation as well if he available. I liked Guice in preseason a lot.

our league also does it based on where you draft, so if someone drafted mckinnon thats the round +1 where he would be kept. i think he was a 3rd in our league so he would end up being a second which is useless. i went guice because i love that OLine and aelx smith is perfect for a run first game plan

in our league, your keeper is you first round draft pick. we start picking in the second round. feel like that’s so much easier to deal with.

It totally is but it also rewards players who are active and stay active and get the right guy on waivers. Like the kid that grabbed mahomes gets a top 5 qb at round 15. I grabbed (and traded away too early) james conner and hes going to be someones keeper.