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Keepers, full pt ppr


So I have JuJu that will cost me a 10th or McKinnon that will cost me a 10th…There are a ton of backs kept every year so I am not sure what to do. Help!


I would need to know the rest of your team makeup to help here. To me both of those players have their risks. For Juju its opportunity. He’s behind Brown and Bell in the pecking order and the addition of J. Washington may an overall decrease in targets for him this year, plus i don’t believe he can possibly be as efficient as he was last year with his target (regression). For McKinnon its the injury risk and risk of unknown but the opportunity/volume should be secure.


It’s a keeper league and I am deciding between those two for my final keeper spot. I am keeping Odell and Jordan Howard. almost all the big-name running backs will be off the board in the first round because of all the other keepers.


Take the flyer in mckinnon… Way more upside even though I don’t believe in him at all…

Juju you can redraft later…


McKinnon if you have to choose between the two. Way more upside. Based on what SF paid him they plan to use him…


Went with McKinnon. Thank you!