Keepers have been selected. Here’s what I’m thinking

So my keepers are Hilton (2.7), Diggs (5.6) and Funchess (12.7). I think I have to go RB first. But with 5 top RBs available, I’m not sure if one will fall.

Gurley, Zeke, DJ, Barkley and Gordon.

If one does then obviously take him. But if it stays static then I’m debating with OBJ, Freeman and Julio.

Standard LG. Do I go overkill and take the obvious top tier WR. Or go Freeman since I have at least two solid #2’s and a bunch of Funchess?

so you have pick 1,06 in a 12 man, the question becomes, whats the scoring format, and what roster spots do you have? because if its 3WR and a flex, i have no problem with taking OBJ and just having a killer WR core to carry me. the hard part is, if its not do you take freeman? cause the obvious answer is no. he is not going to score like OBJ will so you take the top talent over him. but if you really want to, im not going to be mad about it. if its me though, im just going RB0 at that point, taking OBJ, and building other spots to make up for my weak RBs. but, if any of those 5 fall… yeah im taking them and running. all you need is one person to be set at RB and to take odell in the top 4. just probably wont happen.

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In standard, I’m taking OBJ cause you can just flex hilton or diggs.

Why did you keep funchess? Hard to believe there weren’t better options available. Funchess is not going to do anything this year.

@BusterD So it’s standard. We do start 3 WRs and no flex. And I wouldn’t pick again until 3.6 with me keeping Hilton at 2.7.

@MikeMeUpp I figured he was at least the 2 behind Olsen and him being a 12th round keeper, I saw some value in it.

How do you figure that? CMac is the #2 behind Olsen and they just drafted DJ Moore who is a better talent than funchesss. At best he is #3 split with Moore, at worst he is #4.

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There was not much else for me to keep. Already kept Freeman twice so he had to go back in the pool. And he’s at least the second WR even if that’s 4th or 5th on their offensive food chain.

Really? Cna you show me your roster / keeper cost? Honestly curious cause there about 100 other players i"d prefer over funchess.

P Rivers - 7th
J Winston- 9th
D Freeman - Can’t be Kept
M. Berida - 12th
F. Gore - 4th
A. Eckler - 12th
AJ Green - 1st
Crabtree - can’t be kept
Z. Jones - 12th
D. Funchess - 12th
T.Y Hilton - 2nd
J. Reed - 3rd
C Clay - 11th
R. Gould
K. Butker
SF 49ers
S. Diggs - 5th
S. Ware - 12th

Personally I would have kept Ware over Funchess but can’t change that.

With 3 WR and 0 Flex you’re fine taking Odell or Julio. I’m assuming Fournette is a keeper for someone else. 3rd round I’d be targeting Marshsawn or Royce

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Honestly, I would’ve taken Breida for a 12th round pick.

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