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Keepers Help


I need help choosing my keepers for a 10 team PPR league. I can choose up to 4 keepers - keepers move up 2 rounds each year.

Elliott or A. Brown - 1st rd
R. Wilson - 7th
T. Coleman - 11th
Dixon - 11th
Montgomery - ADP (5th/6th?)
J. Landry - 4th

Could make a trade for these guys:
M. Bryant - 12th
Crowell - 8th



Brown, Mixon, Landry, Bryant.


Brown, Coleman, Landry, M.Bryant


I would keep Brown (Elliot is tough to not keep, but it’s PPR)

Coleman in the 11th is very nice.

Landry and Bryant are my last two.


Hmmm, I would have to go
And make a deal for the Crow, he’s underrated even in ppr.
Maybe you could try to trade zeke for Crowell and a few draft picks ?