Keepers (hunt or Allen )

I have 2 keepers, I’m already using one on lev bell. Should I use my other keeper on Keenan Allen or Kareem hunt?

im guessing no round penalties? im inclined to lock up my starting RB duo with 2 RB1s. you get crazy value that way. but honestly, i wouldnt be mad at you for keeping keenan. my choice would be hunt though.

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round penalties?


full PPR and no round penalties

close. personally i like keenan. hes gonna have a million targets. seems safe every week.

dang man. great, yet difficult, position.

Allen for sure for me

Hunt but close. Then try and grab Allen back in the draft

I’m keeping Allen if it’s me.

I like Hunt this year, and I like him more than I did a few weeks ago - BUT, I want to have a solid top 10 foundation at both positions before the draft. That’s just me though.

I’m keeping Hunt in one of my keeper leagues so… maybe I’m not the best to ask lol

I’d go Hunt, then just draft 3 straight WRs. There’s so much talent out there at WR now you can afford to take chances in the draft, and locking up two RB1s puts you in a nice spot

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