Keepers in snake drafts

In a keeper league that has a snake draft how do you figure out what picks to sacrifice the next year? Do you go by ADP for undrafted players or go with the last round pick? For the rest of the keepers do you go with one round above of the previous year or two or ADP?

We don’t allow undrafted, dropped or added players to be kept the following year. For keepers we drop the round by 1 but put a cap so that all players drafted after the 8th round will be a 7th the following year (as in, draft a guy in the 12th he’ll be 7th next year).

There are a lot of variability in keepers. We put a focus on the draft v waivers.

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Yeah I’m just looking for new options with keepers we just reset our keeper league so I wanna see some new ideas I like your 7th round minimum! Thanks for the input.