Keepers keepers keepers

so i have had questions like this i have answered, but for some reason the FFB paralysis is hitting me hard on this choice. i have 1 keeper, no penalty so basically its my first pick. i have a good stable of guys to go after. i dont know the draft order yet either.

Melvin Gordon
Kareem Hunt
Keenan Allen

i keep on telling myself i would take gordon. but i had a plan in my head months ago that involved keeping OBJ and hoping that i had an early enough pick to grab barkley since im sure he will be the top RB on my board at that point unless gordon is still somehow around. so basically if i pick top 3 ill be locked to get gordon, hunt, or barkley if i keep OBJ. i just feel like im over thinking on this one. what do yall think?

I would do OBJ or Melvin.

Do you have a guess if any of the other top WR or RB will be kept in your league… That might help make the decision…

Like if you know bell Zeke DJ won’t be kept so you would have a chance of a stud RB in the draft then maybe take OBJ.

But if all the good RB will be gone then maybe lock in Melvin so you aren’t low on RB 1 talent

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thats an excellent question. i just went through each team and took a stab at who they would keep.

Mike evans

AJ Green

Leveon / Hopkins

Devante freeman

Jay ajayi / Demaryius Thomas

Tyreek Hill

Julio jones

Zeke / Kamara

Todd Gurley / AB

some of them are gross, i forgot how unbalanced these teams were. so i know there will be good talent left over no matter what. a good chance kamara, AB, and Hopkins will all be avaiable as well.

I would base it on what pick you get. If you get a top 3 pick (or top 5 if you know someone like David Johnson or Fournette isn’t being kept), keep OBJ and draft Barkley, Gordon or Hunt (or other RB if not kept) with your first pick. If you are picking outside the top 5, keep Gordon and grab the best WR that falls to you.

i wont know the order until i pick unfortunately. so i have to roll the dice a bit now. thats why i still lean gordon. im just over thinking i can feel it.

Not knowing draft order until after keepers are picked is garbage, lol.

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Looking at that its mostly WR that will be gone with a couple of the big name RBs as well.

So with that knowledge most will be looking for RB round 1 as they kept a WR… So I’d prob go Melvin Gordon.

That way you lock up a RB 1 and if you get shafted in the draft… AB, OBJ, Hopkins will be there for you as most plp before you took Barkley, hunt, kamara fornette, dalvin.

But if you happen to get a top 3 pick then hey you could stack a Barkley or a kamara with you Melvin and be sitting pretty…

But saying that there is alot of moving parts so prob just go with the player you believe in the most between Gordon and OBJ i don’t think either is bad

you make a fair point. with the RB craze as it is, and no one really having very many viable options to keep from, unless i have a early pick i wont get a stud of my own. but, OBJ, Hopkins, AB, all have a chance to fall to me. and if i get any of those three to pair with gordon, ill be very happy. i think i will do just that then.

still wanting to hear opinions though! might be something missed here. i dont have to pick until the Tuesday before the season opener so i have plenty of time.

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Yep… Hope some more plp chime in on this… I am just one guy with my own opinions… Doesn’t mean there good one haha.

But you comment enough of other plps stuff i am sure you will get some love from others.

I’d definitely go Gordon especially if you don’t know your draft position. It’s more important to get an rb1 in the first because you’ll get great value for wr in the 2nd and 4th rounds.

Haha dont get down on yourself, you always have good thoughts. I just have time and I’m always willing to listen to ideas!

PPR or Standard?

PPR I keep OBJ all day
Standard I keep Gordon.

oh thats right, i forgot to mention the scoring. scoring is a LITTLE different. but not crazy. its PPR, but also 1 point per 10 yards receiving, 1 point for 10 yards rushing, and 1 point for rushing/receiving yards. so lets say you have 15 rushing yards, and 15 receiving. normally thats 2 points, in ours its 5. 30 yards total (rushing/recieving) so 3 points. then 1 point for 10 rushing, 1 point for 10 receiving. kind of funky, i know. but it basically just makes point totals look bigger. like 1 catch for 10 yards is 3 points. PPR, 10 receiving, 10 for the combo rushing receiving yards. honestly didnt need to explain it cause it changes very little, i just like to bring it up cause its a fun way to play haha. just bigger numbers.

Yea, I’ve played in leagues like that before; but it sounds like apples to apples in terms of points scored per touch (backs vs receivers).

If there’s a full point per reception I take OBJ in that scenario

OBJ, if you can’t end with an elite RB still could haul a RB1 or an elite WR together with Odell, what makes your worst scenario a heck of a team foundation