Keepers KELCE BALDWIN ALLEN pick two

My league is full PPR, 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1 FLEX and we keep 2 for prior season.

My options this year are kinda weak. Kelce, Allen Baldwin.

Allen is being kept for sure. But do I roll with Kelce again this year or should I go into the draft already loaded at WR with Baldwin and Allen?

Thoughts and reasoning would be appreeeshed.

Keenan Allen and Doug Baldwin are pretty great keepers.

Is there a keeper penalty? Do you have to keep 2?

Have to keep two. You think i should throw Kelce back into the mix?

Is it just draft starts after keepers are removed or is their a draft spot held for keepers.

I’d keep the 2 WR’s.

Keepers basically count as your first two picks.

I’m taking Kelce over Baldwin. Lot of value in my eyes of locking down either Gronk or Kelce this year. Frees up a roster slot so you never have to worry about streaming or rotating the position. Just a plug and play guy.

I think you can get guys close to Baldwin in the draft assuming a 12 man league with 2 keepers, that’s only the top 24 guys off the board. Plenty of WR talent left.

That’s how I am leaning as well. Feels wrong though. Haha

Doesn’t seem wrong to me. Comes down to replacement value for me. You’re getting someone who puts up WR1 numbers in your TE slot. You can pass on Baldwin and still get a top calibur WR. Can’t say the same about kelce. And for the record, I think theres a pretty big gap between Gronk and Kelce. And Kelce and Ertz. They not in the same tier for me.