Keepers - Kenny G or Lamar?

Hey gang,

Have to put in my keepers by 8am this morning, still struggling to decide who to keep.

12 team, .5 PPR, 4 pt passing, no flex…2 rb, 2 wr, no rounds for keepers…just keep 3. I won the league last year, so I’m drafting 1.12.

I have to decide between Chubb, Aaron Jones, Lamar, and Kenny G. I am pretty firmly committed to keeping Chubb and Jones, but struggling between Lamar and Kenny G. I have always been a guy who waits on QB, but I feel like Lamar is just a separator at the position. I love Kenny G, but feel like WR’s are super deep. Obviously, I’m leaning Lamar, but waivering.


What rounds do you keep all those players for?

No rounds…we just keep 3.

Lamar without question…

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Yep, in that case, Lamar for sure. Then just take your pick from the others. Can’t go wrong.

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Agree with above. Keep Lamar.

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