Keepers League Trade

Been pondering the following trade offer over the last few days in a ppr, 6 keeper, 12 team league…

Giving Away: 9th overall pick and 4th pick of the 3rd round

Receiving: AJ Green and 5th pick of the 9th round

I should also note that I have the 5th and 12th overall picks as well and 2 more in the 2nd round. (5 picks in the first 2 rounds total)

Currently you have the 5th, 9th ad 12th overall picks? Plus 2 more in the 2nd round? I would counter that off with either you giving up a 4th round pick in place of the 3rd round or them offering up a 6th/7th round pick in place of the 9th round. My argument around the counter to the other party would be the injury history of Green. But I might be greedy at the same time and Value having the power of owning 25% of the picks in the 1st round. So you should be able to ask for just about anything if he is not giving up a first or wants in the first.

I think this is a no-brainer. Make the trade.

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Just to touch base, I did end up making this trade. I was already leaning towards it but just needed some reassurance haha. Thanks for the help!

I’m in a similar format & I think whomever traded Green would get hammered by other Owners if that happened in our league. We have 10 team, 5 keepers & the price tag for Green in our league this past May was Jarvis Landry & a 2nd.

In redraft leagues, AJ is often available at the 9th pick.

I must be missing something. I took it as 12 team, 6 keeper meaning 72 players were gone entering draft.

You’re right. That does change things significantly unless there is a “no keepers from the first 3 draft rounds” rule.

I totally whiffed on that. Thanks for catching it.

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