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Keepers or League expansion? or Both?


Hey footballers I need some advice.

My league is wanting to expand from 8-10 players for the upcoming year. We also decided at the beginning of last year to make it a two keeper league. Is it a good idea to do both, and would we accommodate to the new league members to keep it a competitive league?

I should mention my two keepers would be A. Brown in the first round and L. Bell in the third… so I’m totally on board with two keepers.


While I understand that doing keepers is exciting and fun I think you guys should wait until next year. It let’s the other two teams join and gives everyone the chance to draft with keepers in mind for next year.


If you guys are adding 2 more owners to the league, the fairest thing to do is hold off on keepers for one more year, as painful as that might be for you to lose Brown and Bell.