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Keepers: Tyreek, Keenan or Martavis?


10 Team 2 keeper PPR league. Here are my options

Todd Gurley - 3rd
Tyreek Hill - 9th
Keenan Allen - 9th
Martavis Bryant - 9th

Thanks folks!


man, i would love to keep all the receivers. just for the fun of the boom busts. and i just might. are you allowed to keep 2 players for the same draft capital? does anything happen at all? if so im very tempted to keep hill and allen. they are both big values, and have a ton of potential. hill is only iffy because of smith. but all reports from camp point to smith and hill eing on point. hill will be playing from the Z, which helps him a ton with getting separation off the line. thats big news for a little guy. plus he wont be doing kick returns anymore, which is great for keeping him fresh. the plan is to get him on the field 90% of the time, instead of 45% like last year. also big news.
as for keenan, the king of weird injuries, i still love him. he is and will be a PPR monster. i genuinely do not think you will see any more of those freak accidents.
bryant did officially get cleared to start practicing again, i just like the other 2s floor better. and gurley, well gurley just isnt a value. you get him 1 round cheaper, and give up all the potential that you get with these 2 receivers. honestly i just dont have faith in gurley this year.