Keepers vs Trade Bait (Stacked on RBs)

10 Team Standard with 3 Keepers. Currently sitting comfortably in first and have McCoy, Fournette, Ajayi and Kamara as my RB’s and have been streaming between Robbie Anderson, Jones Jr (Det) and Keenan Allen with Ertz. Problem is that I’ve also been stashing Rodgers as a keeper and now I have too many. I feel like I can trade away some assets for an upgrade at WR/QB or for a pick next year but I can’t decide who I want to squat on. Basically I need 3 keepers out of

Fournette (obv)
Rodgers (QB in ten team is sorta worth it, but injury?)

Who you keeping/moving. I’ll try and make a deal with someone in the bottom who has crap keepers before the deadline.

I’d probably be willing to trade everyone not named Rodgers and Fournette for a top flight WR (AB, Evans, Julio, Etc.) to have your core of Rodgers, Fournette and WR for next year. You just have to find someone hurting for RBs and not WR

@captjag I’ve been in a 3 keeper 10 team standard league for about 6 years now.

I feel like I can def give some good advice.

My keeper league is an auction draft so players have a certain price increase and can be kept a certain amount of years.

So to better help you know. many years can you keep each player
2. How much does each player cost (money or round)
3.what is your starting lineup requirements

  1. No limitations at all
  2. We simply all keep three players and the rest is a regular redraft, they mostly prefer to keep it simple (I know lol)
  3. QB/2RB/2WR/TE/K/Def/Flex

So what I’m about to say def depends on how your league drafts… You know your league better than i do.

But QBs are UNDERVALUED in my league unless you name is Rodgers or Brady or Brees and even then they go under market value AS THEY SHOULD IMO. Im 7-1 in my league and have rivers.

Let’s look at the top 6 QBs so far this year
1.wentz - undrafted or late round pick
2. Alex smith - prob undrafted
3. Russel wilson- drafted mid rounds
4. Prescott - def drafted after Wilson and prob pretty late rounds.
5. D Watson - late round flyer or undrafted
7. Tom Brady - drafted
8-10 qbs cam, cousins, brees, mccowan

( if you through out the game that Rodgers got hurt and just take the first 5 games of the season. Rodgers placed 7th…right after Watson and right before Brady)

So showing you that… The top 7 QBs In most 10 team leagues the majority are undrafted or late round picks… And they margin between #1 and #6QB right now is 1.2pts

So saying all that.

  1. I would get rid of Rodgers… Id go for an elite WR or just another high round draft pick.

  2. I’d def keep Fornette

Now you didn’t mention it but I wanna talk TEs.
Now TEs I used to never draft the big names like gronk or Graham or reed… And I still don’t… But when you strike gold with a TE that you prob drafted late round and can always have an advantage at a position id say maybe consider keeping ertz.

Now you may say well isn’t that why I should keep Rodgers as he is a top player at that postion.

Well as I said above the margin or points from QB1 to QB7 is 1.2 points.

Now the point spread from TE#1 and TE#7 is 4.4 points. That’s a big differece and a good advantage.

I drafted ertz for $1 this year while gronk and reed and other TEs were drafted for $12-$31 or in your case prob rounds 3-5. While ertz was prob drafted late rounds and TE#4 brate and #5 engram were prob undrafted or last rounds.

So just think to yourself… Next year what round would ERTZ a top 2 TE be drafted in. If your league would prob be round 3-5 then I would think about keeping him… If your group doesn’t value TEs and he would still fall to the 8-10th round than you can prob let him go back and get him in the draft.

  1. so maybe keep ERTZ.

  2. If you do keep ertz and fornette it comes down to kamara or ajayi or whomever you get for rodgers.

Ajayi is now in a good offence but his knee injury and sitting out practices is alittle scary to me long term. But he is someone I might wait and watch 2-3 games with Philly and see what he does.

Kamara has a little more value in PPR formats but he is still a great young talent in a really good offence.

  1. so I can’t really make your choices for you but hope this info helped.

Still try and win this year… Don’t trade away pieces for Keeper value and put yourself in a bad position if an injury happens to your team week1 of playoffs

Thanks man, great advice. Its funny you mention Ertz, I had him last year and saw the progression towards the end and this year he was MY GUY. Picked him up earlyin every draft and haven’t looked back and I’m tagging him a keeper in my other league because having a 15 week fantasy starter is big value to me.

That and I was just talking with a coworker and somewhat came to the conclusion as well that if I can hold Ertz and Fournette, and try to package Rodgers, plus one of those RB’s, for a stud WR and a mid round pick I’d be happy. I can always use the pick to grab decent value since I tend to do more (ie better) research than most others.

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