Keepers...who should I keep?

I’m in a keeper league and need some help deciding who I should keep. We get to keep 2 players from the previous year, and the players that we keep replace the draft pick for where they were previously drafted. I’m going to keep two of the following, but need help figuring out where the best value is. I DO NOT know who the other guys I’m playing against will be keeping.


Saquon Barkley - 1st round pick
LeVeon Bell - 1st round pick
Nick Chubb - 17th round pick
James Connor - 17th round pick

If i keep both Saquon and LeVeon, I’d lose my 1st and 2nd round picks.
If I keep both Chubb and Connor, I’d lose my 16th and 17th round picks.


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I would definitely keep chubb.

At that point I am looking at Barkley and Conner. Conner+ the pick you would get in the pick you’d get in the first Seems likely to be a better value than Barkley and the pick you’d get in the 17th.

I would keep chubb and conner, the value there is good and it’s very unlikely u get that good of a player in the 16th or 17th if u kept barkley and then conner or chubb

  1. You have to keep Saquon…because he’s likely the best player in fantasy and that provides value even when giving up a #1 pick.

  2. Conner: Great value at 17


This is Chubb and Conner. It’s honestly not even that close.

Chubb and Connor without a doubt in my opinion. For 16th and 17th round value?? Not even a question in my mind.

You have to keep Saquon. Hes going to set the fantasy scoring record. NY is much better at OL this year and Shurmers O will run smoothly this year.

Unless you’re the top 2 picks I doubt you can get Barkley back and Conner is the better value in the late rounds IMO. If you you’re 1.01 which would mean you can get your 1st round pick if you kept both 17th then it would be worth a shot to keep both of them, otherwise I would stick to Barkley & Conner.

Conner is a lock for me given the round you’d be losing. He’s my RB5. There’s ton of value in keeping Chubb too, but be prepared for what happens when Kareem Hunt is reinstated week 9. Similarly, I also have to decide if I want to keep Barkley for a first. He’s most likely going to go first overall, so if you’re concerned about missing out on him, I’d say keep him. Especially since you’re paying market value.

Do you think your leaguemates will be keeping their respective first rounders?

I honestly can’t even believe this is a discussion. You are getting Chubb and Connor who can both finish as top 12 RBs for what is essentially free. As godly as Barkley is, you can ask yourself. Would you rather have the combo of Chubb + Gordon / Hop / OBJ / Adams / MT tier which is who will likely be there in your 1st round pick or would you rather have Barkley + some handcuff you draft in the 17th round? And that’s being conservative. There’s also the chance that you land an even higher pick, potentially 1.01 and get barkley back or get one of the CMC/Zeke/Kamara tier assuming they aren’t being kept.

It’s about replacement value.

I get the Kareem hunt thing but that’s blown way out of of proportion. Chubb is a more talented runner, has been there for a year already and will have an 8 game lead to dominate the lead role before Hunt even touches the field.


I don’t think Hunt’s presence should be dismissed so quickly. They’re both excellent runners, but Hunt can do something that Chubb can’t: catch. Once he returns Hunt’s going to see quite a bit of playing time, especially on 3rd down. Chubb touched the ball only 8 times on 3rd down last year.

It’s naive to think that Kitchens isn’t going to get Hunt into the mix the moment he returns, regardless of what Chubb does for those first 8 games. Chubb’s a great player, and it’s incredible value in round 17, but if you own him, you have to be accept that Hunt will take touches away from him. I’m not saying OP shouldn’t keep Chubb, but I understand why they would consider Barkley over him.

I didn’t say hunt would have no impact. But to think that hunt will just walk in and have it be a 50/50 split is also pretty ridiculous.

Also not sure why you think Chubb can’t catch. He is a capable catcher. But they just happen to have one of the best receiving backs in the league as well in Duke Johnson. Even on a reduced role, Chubb will still have an RB2 floor on a great offense dominating goal line touches. Getting that value in round 17 is absurd.

Never said it would be 50/50 split, or that Chubb would be a bad keeper. What I’m trying to say is that Chubb’s touches will take a hit once Hunt is eligible in week 10. So it’s best to be prepared for your RB’s usage to decreased, even marginally, during the final stretch of the regular season and playoffs.

And the reason why I don’t consider Chubb a pass catcher is because he’s never been used in that role, even going back to college. Duke is a great receiving back and he took Chubb off the field. Why should we think Hunt, who’s even better than Duke, to not do the same?

Hunt is better the duke as a receiving back? I love me some hunt but going to have to disagree on that one.

I can see hunt playing a 30-35% role to Chubb’s main but even then, you’re getting 8 full weeks of production from Chubb on a great offense before that even happens. And at a 17th round draft pick which is essentially free, I’ll take that kind of upside/floor combo all day.

Chubb and Conner for a 16th+17th then you get to draft another workhorse in the first seems like by far the best strategy here

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This dude! Can’t get rid of a guy who can be a perennial top 2 RB. Losing the first pick sucks, but you won’t be getting someone with that pick to match Saquon’s production.

And I just think Conner is due for more consistent work load and big week potential than Chubb. Kareem still scares me a LITTLE coming back.

Chubb and Conner 100% for me. Two RB1’s in the 16/17 rounds? I don’t care if Hunt eats into Chubbs touches a bit, he’s still a far better value in that round than Saquon in the first. (not a knock on Saquon, he’s my #1 player but you’re going to sacrifice far fewer points from Saquon to whoever you end up with in the first than you will from Chubb to whatever bum you get in the 17th).

It’s Chubb and Conner. Even if you only got 8 from Chubb before a ‘time share’ which, we can’t even predict what that would look like, then that value is just too great. Those guys are going in rounds 2 maybe 3. There’s just no value to Saquon albeit he’s widely considered the 1.01 unless you’re picking late…even so… I’d go Chubb/Conner.

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