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Keepers with a twist of lemon please



So I though I was set with my keeper until the Bills and my league decided to shake things up this past week. Bills shipped Sammy off to LA and my league decided to add additional keeper.

12 team | Full PPR | 3rd pick in the draft | 2 Keepers - lose that round

Willie Snead - 8th
Brady - 7th
Watkins - 16th
Lacy - 16th
C.J. Prosise - 16th

Thoughts? I’m still thinking sammy but wanted to get some thoughts on the new move however, i’m torn between lacy and prosise also.


Watkins and Brady would be my 2. I usually wouldn’t keep a qb but with addition of Cooks Brady could have an above average year for himself. Hopefully a healthy Gronk all year. 7th round is a great value for him.


Keeping a QB is not good value, but I am not crazy about your options.

I love Snead this year, but the 8th isn’t as good a value. I’d still take Snead and Watkins. Lacy is tempting there.


I would take Watkins and Prosise personally in full PPR, but I dont really like any after Watkins


Prosise is interesting, I am worried about usage though. He will be a receiving back only, and will not be dedicated 3rd down back. Wilson also tends to tuck and run in the situations other teams use for the receiving back.

How many receptions do you think he gets?


Id go Watkins and Brady. 7th for Brady is still a value for a top tier QB. And Watkins is awesome Value. Focus on top RB’s for first 2 picks and you will have a great base to work with.


I would keep Lacy and Watkins because you are spending your last 2 picks on players that have the potential to be a number 1 at their respective positions.


I may be to bullish but I think he ends up with 100 total touches. I do think he is the dedicated 3rd down back. plus if Lacy gets hurt, which he isn’t the most durable then you have a guy that they could feature.


Thanks everybody for taking the time!


Late to the party, but I’m lookin at a need for snead and Watkins here. Watkins is free, so hell yeah for a wr1 potential. Then snead because, well, consistent guy for an 8th rounder? I will take it happily.


@foxlvstrng, the team stated that Lacy will be used in short yardage situations. That is often 3rd and short, not just the goal line.


Oh I know, I’m just saying that if he gets hurt you have a guy that they may well feature or at worst split with Rawls.