Keepers with draft round

I am in two 14 team ppr keeper leagues. We lose the round drafted of the player we keep. I need help choosing who to keep. Here are my choices:
League 1: Conner 16th rd or Chubb 13th rd
League 2: Kamara 1st rd, Mixon 2nd rd, or Kittle 13th rd.

Only one from each league? If that is the case I would go with Conner and Kamara.

Yes one from each. Sorry it was prob confusing. Thanks for the help though!

Connor and Kamara for sure. I like Chubb but I think Connor is going to completely take over. Even if they end up having similar stat lines, the threat of hunt playing towards the end of the season would be enough for me to choose Connor over Chubb.

Conner I mean.

League 1: Conner. I like both, and both are incredible value, but Conner should be more involved in the passing game, and they both come with similar amounts of risk.

League 2: Assuming you’re not picking 1-3 I’d take Kamara. Hopefully you’re in a league where you know where you’re picking prior to selecting your keepers.

League 1 it’s Conner and not even close for me. Has nothing to do with which round but just the solidified starting job behind the amazing o line.

League 2 Both Kamara and Mixon have value but Kittle for a 13th rounder is pretty damn enticing. You basically don’t have to worry about TE in draft and can just load up on RB/WR every round til 10 where you snag a QB. I’d probably go with Kamara though for safety