Keeping a qb, and draft advice

Hi everyone,
Just started listening to the podcast which has been great so thought I would join the forums.

I’m a long time fantasy player from the UK.
Used to redraft leagues but this year we are doing a form of ppr (1 point) keeper league.

The keepers take up rounds 1, 2 and 3 so no value from lower draft picks.

I’ve got saquon so he’s a gimme

For the other 2 keepers I’m stuck with pretty average players (as keepers go).

The choice is basically 2 from:

Aj green
Julian edelman
Patrick mahomes
Kerryon Johnson

How do you guys feel about keeping a qb? Personally I prefer to pick up qbs later in the draft (I got mahomes as last round pick last year) bit with mahomes talent level (and the other players being wr2s or rb3) I don’t think I have much choice.

I pick 3rd in the draft this year and it is a linear format (not snake) so 3rd in every round:

The top players available after the keepers looks likly to be:
D Williams, a jones, Lindsay, Mack and Chubb at RB
Theilian, Evans, golladay at wr
And ertz and little at te

The chap picking at number 1 is keeping 2wr and 1 RB so most likely RB
And number 2 is keeping 3 rbs so looks like he will go wr.

I would be greatful for advice on my 3 keepers and draft plans

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I would keep barkley, mahomes and then either Edelman or green, probably edelman. For the draft, I’m assuming evans and chubb get drafted, so there would be plenty or rb options, including kerryon since you wouldn’t keep him

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Thanks Jared, any other thoughts guys?

Welcome to the forums!

I think it’s more who’s available in the draft at your first pick. Based on who you said will be available in the “1st round” after all keepers you’re looking at Chubb/Mack, Thielan/Evans and Ertz/Kittle right? Is that after your 3 keepers? If so then I’d certainley keep Saquon/Mahomes and then it’s close between Edelman/Kerryon. In the draft picks I’d target Ertz over any of the other guys you mentioned. Now if you miss out on Ertz by keeping Mahomes that’s a bit tougher call… I think I’d probably wait on QB then and try to land a top 3 TE as they can be such a difference maker.

I’d keep Barkley, Green, Mahomes. Then I’d look at drafting Mack or D Williams with your first pick of the draft unless Evans or Chubb fall to you with the third pick.