Keeping Conner at Round 12 - DRAFT IDEAS

12 Team Standard
No trades =(
Only 2 transactions a week =(
I tried streaming (TE,DST & K) last year and it was difficult with only 2 transaction a week + injuries.
Keep 1 player from round 10-15 for 1 year only =(
I am keeping James Conner at Round 12.

With that said, should I draft RB and then TE in rounds 1 and 2 ?
or still go RB-RB/WR?
or how would you go about it?
do i trade my draft position up or down?

I hate going into the draft and locking myself into a specific draft strategy. That being said, having Conner allows you to play the early TE game and still be viable at RB, only if you can get Kelce. I’m not sure where you draft, but if you miss the top 5 RBs, I’d be comfortable drafting Kelce early and taking just the best overall player available after that and go from there. If you can get one of the top 5 RBs, I’d probably abandon the early TE thoughts, unless Kelce makes it back to you.

Personally, I would be drafting my normal RB/WR for the first 3 rounds, and then probably grab one of the next tier TE guys in rounds 4-6 (OJ, Henry, Engram). You’ll have superior top tier depth, which I would feel better about over having the arguable TE1.